Credits: Go Team Football Papers by Kathy Winters Designs, Elements from All Star Sports by Twin Mom Scraps. “Life is like football” word art by TLC creations. Fair Use game pictures from web.


Super Bowl XLVII

Points worth making:

America The Beautiful, which should be our national anthem, the kids’ choir sang first, then Jennifer Hudson came to sing and the kids did a side-step sway while she was singing. The cameras showed most of the football players dancing like the kids. VERY cool!

Ravens OWNED the first half! (Joe Flacco fan says “cool.”)

Beyoncé jiggled more than she sang and the sound was awful. I had yogurt instead of watching until the commercials came back on.

The second half opening kickoff returned for a 108 yard touchdown was incredible! Ravens up by 22; untouchable!

The 37-minute delay because half the power went out was unprecedented in the Super Bowl and bad.

After the delay, the 49ers started to mount a comeback and it ended up being a nail-biter finish. Ravens won 34-31.