Letter to my best friend Ross,
Thank you for always being by my side through life.
know when I need someone you will be there.
Thank you for being the one I can count on and
trust with even my darkest fears and biggest dreams. Your smile reassures me that everything
will always be alright
No matter the struggle, the pressures,
at the end of the tunnel there is always light.
In you I have a protector, in your arms is the safest place I can be. Never before had I felt so safeuntil you came and rescued me.Rescued me from past pains, past struggles past disappointments and hurts Rescued me from always being weary, always questioning and being on the alert Thank you for all that you are
and most of all for loving me.

Many Credits:

Sissy Sparrows:
Dear Darling Word Arts
Grunge Stamps Vol 6
The Paint Can Vol 2

Design by Tina:
My Person

Tracy Martin:
Bella Mia

Heather Hess/Joyce:
The Velvet Vixen

Photo Overlays by : Dotcomkari (thats me!)