Kits Used:
Paper and Flowers My Boy Revised By Laurie's Scraps
Simplest WA by Nancie of ScrapArtist
Stars Land of Nod by Dani Mogstad

Journaling Reads:
What would I do with a million dollars? Some people say they will buy new homes, a
new car, invest or take a vacation. Some people say they would use it to make their
dreams come true. All of my dreams came true in my three gorgeous children
and wonderful husband. So what would I do if I won a million dollars? I would make all of
THEIR dreams come true. I asked them what their dreams and wishes were and as
ofthis day August 2009, My oldest Kaitlyn wants to be a CSI. My boy, Brennon, wants to
be a soldier just like his daddy and my littlest, LuCasey wants to be an artist. I will never
be able to make all their dreams come true, but if I had a million dollars it would be a start. I
wouldn’t change a thing about my life. I love my life as it is and want my children to love
every minute of theirs. Hopefully, their dreams will come true, without the million dollars.