Credits: Chocolate Kiss by Twin Mom Scrqaps, additional elements from Pure Sweetness by Luv Ewe Designs, My Love of Chocolate Journal Mat by Artgal Style


My diet includes a minimum daily chocolate requirement of 25 calories a day making Hershey’s Kisses a supplement.

Tuesday – Yoplait Whips Chocolate Mousse, Andes mints after dinner
Wednesday – chocolate hazelnut oatmeal
Thursday – pretzel M&Ms, breakfast appetizer? Peppermint mocha with SF hot cocoa.
Friday – Pretzel M&Ms,
Saturday – Happy Chocolate Day! Had some Chocolate covered espresso beans – 28 for 5 points. Can you beat chocolate and coffee together?
Sunday – Needed the supplement today? Yikes! 2 mint Kisses.
Monday – Chocolate chip waffles, evening warm-up SF Cherry-Chocolate cocoa

Chocolate Fact

Research has shown that shown that there are enzymes in chocolate that actually do interact with the brain and have a calming effect. This reaction is strong in women than men, but it applies for both.

That explains SO much!

For its antioxidant qualities, Ghirardelli recommends once ounce of dark chocolate a day as part of a healthy and happy lifestyle. They do also mention that their bars are not one ounce pieces and you should portion with care!