Credits: Chocolate Kiss by Twin Mom Scrqaps, additional elements from Pure Sweetness by Luv Ewe Designs


Chocolate Memoirs

How can you say “no” to chocolate? I mean, really; what would the world be like without it?

On Star Trek The Next Generation, Counselor Deanna Troi, from Betazed, is an outspoken chocoholic. See? Gene Roddenberry knew that chocolate addiction cannot be limited to just earth; it’s that powerful!

Science fiction aside, a world, our world, without chocolate would be a sad place. The only upside I can imagine is that I’d eat more key lime pie.

When I was 3 years old I got my first serious chocolate belly ache. I got a one-pound solid chocolate bunny in my Easter basket. That was enough chocolate for a little chocoholic for a long time. Well, that year after the extended family on both sides came over for Easter dinner, it was enough chocolate for a little chocoholic to hide in her closet with her bunny and not be noticed until she’d pretty much enjoyed the WHOLE THING; three years old, a pound of chocolate! Needless to say I didn’t eat Easter dinner that year and I was one sick little kid that evening and night. I haven’t eaten a whole pound of chocolate in a sitting since, but being sick didn’t do anything to cease my passion for chocolate!

The greatest sacrifice I ever made, indeed the greatest religious gesture I’ve ever made, was in 1976. I was 9 years old. My hockey team was in the state playoffs. It was during lent and the sacrifice I’d made that year was 40 days without chocolate. Getting ready for the last game of the tournament, citing the need for an extra boost of energy, our team captain told everyone to bring a candy bar and we’d eat them together before the game. Suddenly, I had to choose between being a good Catholic and a good Southgate Seal! Mom to the rescue! I was glum trying to decide what to do. At 9 years old this decision was a major crossroads! Mom told me about Smoothies; peanut butter cups that were peanut butter on the inside and outside, no chocolate. This was great news for me, although it was odd. I didn’t know anyone made a candy bar that wasn’t chocolate, and I couldn’t imagine why they did! We won that game and I even got my first assist of the year! I was third line defense that season, not many opportunities to be part of the offense!

In the years since that discovery of a non-chocolate candy bar, I’ve had smoothies once in a while at Easter time; ah, the memories, but I still prefer my candy bars to have chocolate! Mr. Goodbars are number one in my extensive list of favorite American, Canadian and Italian chocolates in milk and dark. I even thank one of my favorite breakfast cereals, Kellogg’s Krave for finally defining me; I’m not a chocoholic, addicted and helpless. I’m a proud Chocovore; it’s a way of life!