Credits: Papers and elements from: Peppermint Twist by Connie Prince and Pretty In Green, Listen To Your Heart by Pretty In Green, Your Own Special Way by Digitalegacies Designs


I love Valentine’s Day as a kid. It was all about picking the best cards for my classmates and trading valentines in school, it was little drawings with hearts and I love you for my parents, it was about reading fun conversation hearts and tummy chocolate candy and cupcakes with pink frosting and cinnamon hearts on them.

As an adult, I still like the conversation hearts and chocolate and some years, I drop a few kid-style valentines in the mail to me friends too.

Through my 20s, I used to host “Valentines Stag Parties” on February 14 and invite my single friends for dinner, usually heart-shaped pasta Alfredo, and we’d have munchies and watch B-rate horror flicks. They were enough fun that some people who’d attended them asked if they could bring their Valentine’s date if they had one. The attendees always agreed NO DATES for our stag party, ever. You want the good party, lose the mate!