Project 2013 March Mega Stash by Connie Prince
(the template was altered since I didn't have enough pics)
Daddy was on vacation this week, since Mama and Papa took off to Florida
Sunday -Daddy’s last day of work, and a lazy, lazy sunday. Not much to do today.
Monday -Mommy worked, mommy got her evaluation and it was a good one. Abby woke up complaining of a headache, then threw up, so she stayed home from school By late afternoon, she finally ate and was feeling better. After work and a quick dinner, it was off to dance class with the girls.
Tuesday -Mommy worked again (was supposed to be off, but traded for another gilrl that needed off) Ordered some pizza for dinner and played around
Wednesday -Mommy worked again, but her last day for a bit (on vacation next week).This time Kendra woke up with a fever and bellyache, so no school for her and Trent is feeling pretty yucky. The evening was Abby’s Dr Suess book report, playing, and taking care of a sick kids.
Thursday -Kendra woke up with a fever again, so no school again. Both Kendra and Trent just layed around acting like a couple of sick kids. Not much got done today, some clean up and doing Abby’s timeline project for school. She had to do a timeline with pictures of every year of life from birth on. We did every Halloween to make it easy, since she was born in October. Then at the bottom they had to draw what they would look like and be doing at 30. She is so funny, she believes at 30 she will be working at Chick-Fill-A (man that kid loves that place) Abby still isn’t 100% either and is napping after school.
Friday -In the early morning Kendra started with a nasty, croup like cough. Took her to the doctor and yup sure enough it’s croup. They don’t give steroids unless breathing is affected, and she seemed to be breathing ok. Trent’s cough isn’t as bad, but neither kid is eating or playing like normal.
Saturday -Today is Dr Suess’s 109 birthday. Mommy printed out some props and took some silly pictures. We had “Who”berry muffins for breakfast Mommy and Daddy had some yummy 5 Guys burgers for lunch since the kids don’t seem to be eating yet. Pretty much a boring Saturday.