It was two months ago that the vet told us Dillon's kidneys were failing. At the time he said Dillon probably had 3-6 months before his health deteriorated so much that he would need to be put to sleep. So far we haven't noticed any appreciable differences, thank God, but we're not taking any day for granted. We take Dillon back to the vet at the end of this month for a reassessment. I'm not expecting any miracles, after all Dillon is 13 years old now, but I am happy to celebrate the little victories and blessings. I'm grateful for the days we have and hope we get to spend some lovely mild Spring weather together. This winter has been rough, in more ways than one, but so far, we're doing OK.

Credits: I used three kits from Word Art World by Jennifer - Laugh Out Loud, Love Struck and i doodle love u, plus a couple of her swap wordart freebies. Then I extracted a photo of Dillon and did a photo treatment to it to make my own customized English Springer Spaniel sticker. I love the way the element turned out.