Credits: Some Like It Hot by Connie Prince, coffee cups from Where’s My Coffee by Aprilisa Designs, Break Time by Colie’s Corner, Up All Night by Darlene Haughin, Coffee Shop With Friends by Unforgettable Moments, Caffeinated by Jen C Designs Word Arts from Coffee With A Friend by Studio Bladovesta, Caffeinated by Jen C designs Journal paper by Friendly Scraps


Brewing this week
Tuesday – Island Coconut (made by David when I got home from therapy), SF Gingerbread Latte Cheataccino in the afternoon (Cheataccino is what I call the gas-station style instant coffee drinks)
Wednesday – Espresso-made Café Carribe (South American Espresso).

Thursday – Starbucks Christmas Blend, the bag is almost empty!
Friday – Pumpkin Spice morning, afternoon Starbucks Skinny Cinnamon Dolce with Sheri
Saturday – Scrap & Coffee Day; Island Coconut, Cinnamon with SF Caramel,
Sunday – Starbucks Christmas Blend
Monday – Starbucks Christmas Blend – 1 cup left in the bag! Afternoon Pumpkin Spice from the last box until fall!

Coffee Fact:

The darker the roast, the less caffeine! Caffeine “cooks out” of the coffee beans in the roasting process. The difference really is minimal, but an espresso roast has less caffeine than breakfast blend when prepared the same way in the same amount. The reason espresso has the reputation of giving a “good coffee buzz” if you drink it is because espresso is usually prepared in a more concentrated, pressurized way.