Credits: Thanks A Melon by Blue Heart Scraps


March 2 was bright and sunny with fresh snow; a perfect days to get some train photos before David worked the night shift! Out early meant McBreakfast later, so I grabbed a banana for in the car. Science time!

When I grabbed the banana from the fruit basket as we walked out the door, it was an evenly yellow perfect banana. The old Chiquita jingle says “you should never out bananas in the refrigerator.” It seems that goes for a cold car in freezing morning temperatures too! I watched my perfect banana age almost instantly as it awaited its morning coffee accompaniment!

An hour and a half later, when I was ready to eat my scared and sad dark banana, I made two important discoveries. The banana’s peel, although it was beaten by the cold, protected the banana and it still tasted like a perfect evenly yellow banana. But more importantly, when I removed the sticker from the skin, the area under it was still a perfect yellow. I need to invest in some banana sticker long underwear!