After a glorious spring (That followed a record snow and record cold winter) in 2011, the mild winter that followed caused my perennials to bloom to early and all out of order last spring. The page of the same flowers blooming in 2010 was done in April. This was March. They just weren’t as pretty at all last year. The crocuses were a little early this year, but not a whole month! Here’s hoping a lot of them recovered this year.

Credits: It Happened This Year by Connie Prince, Journal card from Snazzy by Sun Kissed Designs


This year just hasn’t had the splendor last spring had. There were so many photos of gorgeous perennials Kelly and I had made a fall everlasting beauty project. It’s just not happening this year. The winter was so mild and so little snow that the first crocus buds were up a month early and nothing is blooming at the right time. The old daffodils that had been there bloomed first last year and they did this year too albeit a month early. But having lived through a few more fierce and mild winters they are still strong. The newer purple and stripe crocuses didn’t fare so well and while last year my bed was a veritable nursery of vibrant color form early march on, it has been sparse with less vibrant and thinner-looking flowers. The pale narcissus look less sturdy this year and some of the tulips are already blooming too quickly and too small.

The flower bed is still pretty, but a let-down after last year when “Snowmageddon” and the like gave the new bulbs a deep restful sleep that made them thrive. This year my dream winter has produced a nightmarish spring. I think maybe next year I want more snow and cold like winter is supposed to be. I’ll bundle up and look forward to spring.