Credits: Supply Closet by Connie Prince, Happiness in Your Smile by Kathy Winters Designs


A Smashing Idea!

A Smash Book, smash journal, junk journal, junk book, collection book….there are so many names and all appropriate. When Smash Books were first marketed by K&Company in 2011, I saw the promotional video on a friend’s blog. I thought it was a pretty cool idea, but I’m a scrapbooker, I really didn’t need something like that. Even more as a digital scrapbooker I don’t have to worry about too big or too small and I don’t have to fret about acid-free this or aging that. I scan ephemera or even get extra elements from the websites of places I’ve been. I didn’t need a Smash Book, but it sure was a cool idea.


In October 2012, I was organizing some things that needed scanned. As I scanned things, I did my usual; set things that I just couldn’t throw away in a pile to add to my box that I keep the little treasures in. There are three of those about the size of a Honey Baked Ham box for a full ham boxes now. I kept my baseball tickets separate. All of my baseball ticket stubs since 1992 were in an envelope in a cubby hole on my desk. I’ve gone to a lot of major and minor league games. There were 181 tickets stubs in chronological order in that envelope that day. I know this because some of them were too large to close the envelope and that day I dropped the envelope, sending its contents all over the floor! I counted them as I put them BACK in chronological order and back in that same open envelope to possibly repeat the disaster someday. That’s the day I pulled up the Smash Book file in my memory!


My first smash books used up the leftover papers and elements from my paper scrap days in 3-ring binders.