Kit; Listen To Your Heart by TwinMomScraps.
Template; p365/p52 March Template by Angelclaud ArtRoom.
Font; Century Gothic.

I don’t have new photo’s so I decided to re-use my little ‘baby’
yet again. I used these for a p/365 back in August 2012 and I must
say, what a difference. Pinch, my little furrie ball of cuddles.

No connection to the events that went on this week.

My son fell this week on his way home from work, breaking his foot.
On Wednesday I slept early. I woke up in the middle of the night
and sent him a txt msg. So he called back. This was around 2 in
the morning and I was saying to myself, what on earth is he doing
up so late?!?! And when we spoke I heard funny background noises
but never imagined. So not to scare me, we had a chit-chat and
THEN he tells me; ‘mom don’t laugh but you won’t believe
where I am’. He was in the hospital and my heart
did a flip. And then on Thursday he ‘forgot’ he has a cast and fell
again. Yep, that’s mama’s boy!

If it’s a wall or a door, it get’s in our way.
But this time it was pure bad luck.
My poor baby is in pain and it hurts us.

I used the template as is,
A little twist and turn,
but only the template.
Sometimes that happens to me.
A 'as is' situation.
Not always,
just sometimes.
Actually quite rarely.

Gosh I love to talk.........