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journaling reads: Today I went to run errands all by myself. Odd I know, and it gave me time to think. My 10 year old and I did a family tree for one of his projects this past year. The ancestors were in the branches, instead of being the roots...which for a child I can understand but if I think about my family tree the roots and branches are limited. I don't think that I really have a tree, I have more of a vine...a grapevine or a honeysuckle but it's not really a traditional tree. I don't have many "roots" but I have something different, maybe something more. I have the typical grandparents to list, although I wasn't close to one set. I don't have many cousins or aunts and uncles but I have adopted family. I don't have roots that hold me down, but rather roots that catch and hold me to other people. The vines that grow around my house with the roots like this are weeds and I uproot them often. Does this make me a weed? If it does is that a bad thing? The weeds are strong, they keep growing back, they hold tight to the things that are important to them. They have off-shoots that are strong. The weeds are also a parasite sometimes, I hope and pray I am not a drain on those I hold to. I will not apologize, I am planting my roots in you. You are part of my family vine. You can remove me from your life, but I will most likely show back up someday...unless you kill the roots you are now stuck with me forever! I have some friends that I have lost track of through-out the years, and I may never see them again. They are still part of the path, part of the root system. Even if you escape you will always be part of what helped to shape me.