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• This was a busy week for me. I had dr. appts., Dan came by to help me with some things, it was Jim's birthday (and 50th Surprise Birthday Party!), and I'm working feverishly to complete a 50th Wedding Anniversary BB scrapbook album for Mom and Dad (1- 1/2 years late!) - Mom is seriously ill, and I want to complete this project for her.
• My brother, Dan, did so many awesome things for me on Wednesday. He had to come over to pick up some things from me. I asked him if he could hook up my stereo. First, he bought me an awesome new receiver and a dvd player. He hooked those up to the large flat screen tv he gave me a while back. Then he had to go out to get me a new router. He came back, hooked that up, then realized he had to go back out for an
adapter! THEN, he set me up with a Netflix account that he will pay for!!!! Yay! Now I can watch all the movies I want! I have to cancel my cable & phone due to financial reasons, so this means a lot to me! I was
so excited that I could dl and watch so many of my favorite series of the past (and movies I’ve wanted to see).
• All of this took all day, so we made plans to setup my stereo another day. I have a gorgeous fountain on a
marble column that has never been hooked up. Dan said he will set that up next time, as well. He had to get home (2 hrs. away), and he gave me some money, told me he loved me, hugged me, and set off on his way.
• Dan taking the time to help me and telling me how much he cares about and loves me was the highlight of my week!