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Journaling reads:
After my miscarriage in July we've continued to try to conceive again. The months went by and we were soon approaching our lost baby's due date. The closer we got, the more emotional I became. I cannot describe the joy we felt when we found out we were pregnant again. The only problem was that now I was constantly worried we would miscarry again. I've been told that miscarriage steals your pregnancy innocence and it's so true! With this new pregnancy I've already dealt with a lot of issues and doctors who were convinced that I would miscarry. I decided that I was not going to take one moment for granted with this little one. Today I am pregnant. Today I will enjoy the fact that my little baby is growing and moving in my womb. I will savior every moment of nausea. I will appreciate every moment of fatigue. I will smile at the aches and pains because today I am pregnant. I will praise the Lord for every extra day that I am blessed with. I will not worry about what tomorrow brings, because today, I am pregnant. Prayerfully, we will get to hold this baby in our arms in October!