Ever since they were old enough to understand the line, when I take a picture of my nieces together I’ve said “pretend you like each other. rather than "say cheese." It always makes them giggle and I always got the sweetest smiles on my photos of them together. It still works.

Credits: Best In Love by Pixelily Designs


Golly they still do that well! Tori and Rina, being at different schools, had different Spring Break weeks this year. Tori came home for Spring Break and Rina, who is commuting from home, doesn’t have class on Tuesday or Wednesday with later classes on Thursday. Time for a mini road trip!

They visited Pop for a couple of days, getting in some essential grandfather time and on Thursday I met them at Cracker Barrel in Maumee for brunch on their way home. We’ve done Cracker Barrel together for most of their lives but it’s been a while. Bruch included lots of talking, the mandatory peg game, that Tori refused to play this time because it’s ego deflating, and of course we had to order extra gravy for the biscuits!

Before we left I had to get a new picture of them together with my traditional instructions; “Pretend you like each other!”