Attitude of Gratitude - Element Pack by Connie Prince
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Attitude of Gratitude - Paper Pack by Connie Prince
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Journaling: With only a high school education, my grandfather started and ran his own grocery store called Braun & Schott Market. He went into business with a distant cousin, Ted Schott, after working at A&P for several years. Ted was the butcher and my grandfather did everything else. He worked 6 days a week and had every other Monday off. He did the books on his day off. He usually got home from work around 7:30 at night and ate by himself. After having a store on 10th Street, he moved it to West 30th Street, into the little white building pictured above (that is a current photo taken from Google Maps). It had three aisles: one for produce, one for the pop machine, some canned goods, and Hostess goodies, and one had only canned goods. It also had the meat counter, a basement for canned good storage, an ice cream freezer in the front, and there was an egg business in the back. They sorted eggs by hand and looked at them through a light and then some sort of conveyor, and then put them into cartons. My aunt, the baby of the family, remembers that that part of the store always smelled bad. My grandfather had nine children, and Ted had ten, and all of the children worked in the store, some having to take two city buses to get there from home. Grandpa worked in the store until Ted announced that he had another job. He tried to run it by himself for a while but he was in his sixties and just couldn't do it. Also, the neighborhood continued to deteriorate. The store was robbed and broken into many times, and it just wasn't safe for him to stay by himself anymore.