Credits: Be Awesome by Aprilisa Designs, Notebook by Gunhild Storeide


Seasonal Wardrobe Change

I have basically two wardrobes with several pieces of clothing that transcend the year. I have a winter wardrobe that includes thermal underwear, sweatshirts and sweaters and a summer wardrobe that has capris and shorts, brighter colored tank tops and lots of breezy gauze and open holed or loosely woven overskirts. Ideally my wardrobe mimics the weather, but my clothes are bought based on seasons.

I love oversized sweatshirts in the winter because I can use them as the top of many layers for keeping warm and they are a great early morning or late evening extra layer for the spring and fall so I can still wear a lighter jacket if we’re traveling and I’ll be in and out of the car all day. I also tend to wear a scarf inside and outside, so I try to be sure to have warm ones that match my winter outfits. Just last year I got a hand-knit scarf from my Secret Santa that I just love and have worn it more days than not, accepting many compliments on it.

My cool gauze and capris get the most use in the summer. I also have what I called a “slouch” when I made it. I think it’s the most useful and economical piece in my entire wardrobe. I made the boat-neck sweater out off a summer weight cotton wave fabric from the remnants that I bought when I worked at Minnesota Fabrics when I was 20. Remnant price plus employee discount the piece of fabric was a $2.00 purchase. It was very stylish in the 80s; a simple cut oversized and long I wore it over tank tops with a belt, foot high teased hair and a ton of jewelry. In the 90s I usually wore it under a button-down gauze shirt or casual zipper vest and now I’m back to wearing it over tank tops but without the belt.

Yes, I said “now.” I have had and worn that $2 hand-made slouch for 27 years and it’s just no-w starting to show a little age. I think when you divide the number of wearings by the cost; I make money every time I wear it now!