We really milked the whole marriage celebration thing, just not in the conventional way. We eloped in December and had a weekend-long baseball and train photography reception in July followed by a 2-week honeymoon in August.

This was the selection of our baseball picnic area.

Credits: Batter, Batter Swing and Celebrate Life by Connie Prince, Cork Board &; Accessories mini kit by Sugarbutt Designs


We were the guests of the Toledo Mud Hens to meet with the group sales rep and choose a picnic area for our wedding reception. They gave us great seats for the game and the meeting was actually pretty brief; verify the date, discuss the party size and picnic areas available, yes we can bring favors, programs and balloons, Muddy and Mudonna will visit, catering will give you a call.

We were also the free ice cream row that night. That was a coincidence, right?