Kit: Big News by Connie Prince
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Journaling (2013 by Daddy):
1 Your beautiful smile and facial expressions when you are happy and sad
2 Your laugh, especially when you are really laughing hard, you have the best laugh, it truly shows your unique character
3 That you are smart and witty, like Mom, not like Dad, ok I admit it.
4 Your creativity and artistic abilities – you put your own artistic style on everything you do, you learn so fast how to draw all sorts of things then you put your own spin on any project.
5 When you wrestle and box with me, I get in good shots but you always get yours in too, you go along that I am Kung-Fu master, you once told me you know I'm no Kung-Fu master, that hurt Sad
6 When you are carefree playing in the snow during a snowstorm trying to catch snowflakes in your mouth and just having a blast not worrying even though you are soaked and your face and hands are red and frozen (and you have trampled the snow making it much harder for me to shovel Smile
7 That you collected baby doll, after baby doll, it was heartwarming that you knew them by name, who they were and everything about them. You loved each and every one just the way they were, even when one was not very pretty or damaged
8 Your tenderness and sweetness with real live babies, you will make a great mother one day
9 That you ask for my opinion and wonders if you will be pretty when you grow up – I tell you you will be beautiful but more importantly it's what's inside that counts, to have a beautiful heart
10 When you sing seriously, you have a beautiful unique voice