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Journaling for Wk 12 - Tue 19th off to Snowy Mountains, Thredbo & saw Memorial Centre where 18 died in 1997 in road collapse, (Remember there was One lone survivor of this tragedy? Well that was Stuart Diver & we saw a man, his wife & little girl leaving the Memorial Centre’s Child Care Centre – we then learnt that it was actually Stuart Diver, his new wife - he lost his first wife in tragedy – actually her body was next to him all those hours he was trapped - & their daughter – we were so close if only we knew it, we would have spoken to him… Yes he went back to Thredbo after all these years to live with his new family). We went onto Jindabyne, Adaminaby & via the Tundra to Tumut (which is actually part of the Snowy Mountains Hwy) & back to ole Gundagai & stayed. (As it was too late - approx. 9.30 pm to travel the rest of the way home – approx. 5 – 6 hrs. + extra information in brackets for added extra detail) Wed 20 drove home - arrived home to the river. Thurs 21 slept in after all our travels & off to Castle Hill & Sat 23rd - Fri 22nd home & went to church on Sun 24 & Sunset actually the 26th to finish off.

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