Kit Used: For You by Connie Prince and flower from So Sweet by Luv Ewe Designs; frames by QueenWild Scraps (recolored)

Font: CAC Pinafore

Journaling (Poem):

I’ve been working on a 2-year late 50th Wedding Anniversary album for my parents. As I’m going through my parents’ albums, enjoying the discovery of many photos I never saw before, I came across this poem I wrote when I was just a teen…so perfectly attached to the front inside cover of one of these albums. Given some very sad, heart-breaking circumstances happening in my family, I thought I would include this here. I’m glad I chose to share it with my parents so many years ago.

For all the times that you were there
For all the ways you show you care
For the hopes and dreams you've given me
For insights that you've helped me to see.
For all the times you told me to hold on, to be strong
That if I was to do this all good things would come along.
That anything truly worth my while would take effort and some time
And if I did my best all I wanted could be mine.

For patiently enduring while I ventured out to see
The world for what it was and what it could offer me.
For allowing me the freedom to go out on my own
Knowing that I never had to do it all alone.

For giving me the chance to learn from my mistakes
For guiding and directing me as to which paths I could take.

You've given me the hope for a future bright and clear
You've given me a love to cherish and hold dear.
You've been the perfect model of faith and inspiration
You've taught me to go forth with endless determination.

For all these things and more
You've given so generously
I thank you from my heart
For always believing in me.