I started this LO with a template from the Princess Of The Month Series, Snow White, from Memories by Digital Design.

The PERFECT kit for these photos is Lookin For Adventure from True North Scraps

Here’s the journaling for those of us who need bifocals:
Jerry had come to Vegas for a visit. He had opted to stay with Terry & Lynn, but upon his arrival, contacted Don & I to let us know he’d finally arrived. The boys had been hatching a plan for a guys-only week-long Harley ride, and had decided that this weekend would be perfect for an “impromptu” all-day ride which would include Lynn and I. The boys met at the Harley rental shop and picked up their bikes. Terry opted for a police cruiser and Don chose a fatboy. I don’t remember what type of bike Terry decided on. Lynn drove over to our house, so we could all leave from there. We packed up our bikes and headed off. Terry & Lynn didn’t make it out of the yard, literally. They were the last ones to pullout, and Terry had inadvertently gunned it, lost control, and layed the bike over in our front yard. Ego was the only thing bruised. The game plan was to ride up to Valley of Fire via Northshore Road along Lake Meade, through Valley of Fire, and back home on I-15. We stopped to grab some cold bottled water and were heading out, when Jerry layed his bike down. Ego and pants dusted off, we were on our way. It was the first time I’d been on a Harley, and I can tell you, there’s nothing quite like it! As we cruised along Northshore road, I noticed the longing looks the bikes were getting from the male passers-by. When we reached the Valley of fire turn-off, Don noticed that there was a couple of inches of sand that we were turning into. He told me how he wanted me to lean as he slowed to take the turn. And we kept turning and leaning all the way to the ground. No one was physically hurt, but ego number 3 took it’s licks! The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful...thank goodness! I snapped this photo of the boys in Valley of Fire on a stop at one of the event centers. Don’t they look like the bikers from “Easy Rider”? LOL! When we returned to our home, the boys let us know that they had rented the bikes for the entire weekend, and had plans for a guy’s-only ride for the next day, which suited Lynn and I...we spent the day shopping! After their Sunday ride, the boys had decided that a week-long tour on Harleys was something they were no longer interest in. Judging from the way they were walking I figured it had more to do with their age and wanting a little more comfort!