Credits: Love Mini Kit by Sabee’s Creative World


It tore my heart out saying goodbye to Morgan. We tried; we really tried to make a comfortable forever home for her. But a comfortable home for her had to remain a comfortable home for Kaline and Carla and it didn’t.

Morgan was incredibly sweet to the people in the house and at first she was tentative with the incumbent cats. But as she got comfortable herself, she became possessive about the food, the treats, the toys, even the sunny spot and all the places to cat nap. And as they days passed things got worse.

Kaline and Carla never did get to accepting her as she was aggressive and mean to them. During the day Morgan was downstairs and chased the older but smaller cats back up in fear any time they tried to come downstairs where their food and litter box was. They were surviving on the litter box and food Morgan left upstairs in “her room.” When I went up to see them, they were attention starved and always looking over their shoulders to see if they were safe to be with me during the day. They were always tense.

At night we put Morgan in her room for the night because the three of them would fight. That gave Carla and Kaline a little peace. Kaline braved it to come downstairs to see me only to get chased back up. Carla didn’t come down all day. She was nervous and seemed to be getting thinner. When Morgan started not only being mean to the other cats, but growling and hissing at us if we paid attention to the other cats, we knew it was done. It just wasn’t going to work.

Taking her back to the shelter was hard. As much trauma as she caused the other cats, she was most sweet to us and had some cute and endearing habits, like the way she sprawled and tilted her head back at us, the way her chubby body galloped after toys or the way she seemed to have found every lost toy in the house. She purred like crazy, nose bumped and licked David’s toes. But as sweet as she was most of the time to us, our promise of a home where they feel safe and loved was made to Kaline and Carla first and Morgan just wasn’t letting them feel secure in that anymore. We had no choice.

I cried Sunday morning 8 weeks after we brought her home. She was sitting in the window watching the birds the way she had at one time or another every day since she came to live with us, content and happy with no idea that it was the last time. I thought to myself and tried to say it but couldn’t without breaking down, ‘There are no windows in the cage at the shelter for her to watch the birds.”

In the end it was for the best. Kaline and Carla were noticeably relieved of stress and started to begin to act like their old selves again that afternoon. We agreed that we would remember the good things about Morgan and not dwell on having failed with her, but we feel good that we tried.