This ended up being my nod to “it’s all about the bride” and the grooms comparative cheap dressing, although David’s hat wasn’t rented. My hat was twice the cost of his and at thje ballpark I was the one that got noticed first. But I shopped a few places for the perfect hat, just like a conventional bride does for the dress. Smile

Credits: For Us by Pretty in Green
Inspired by Every Moment Counts by Amy Owens


I went into “bride mode” on one thing planning the reception. I had selected the wedding gown bodice nightshirt that I’d wear with capris to match David’s tuxedo tee, but I wanted wedding hats to wear to the ballgame. Mine had to be beautiful and girlie, even bride-ish. When the bride and groom hats came in I was as twinkle-eyed as a traditional bride looking at the tux and modeling “The Dress.” Now we can have a party!