Journaling for Wk. 17 ~ Apr 23rd - 29 ~
Week 17 ~ 23rd out to Castle Hill and went to Scrapbook Cottage lunch and groceries. 24th home today finishing layouts and packing a couple of bags for our trip. 25th Drove out to Orange to see the family and Danni was preparing some apples for her delicious home-made Apple Pie also Mother’s birthday and we stayed at Turner’s Vineyard overnight - 26th back to see the family 27th Mother had an eye checkup and then off to Bradley’s Head situated on Sydney Harbour - had a picnic on the beach again and watched the yachts, fishing boats and the spotted a Tall Ship sailing down the Harbour - 28th Church and out to lunch with friends - 29th Home today and out to Glenorie for a check up with the Dr. for Mother home and had lunch on the terrace.

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