I cut my musical baby teeth on Neil Diamond and still love his music today. I’ve loved the words to this song since I first heard it, when it came out and my parents added the album to their Neil Diamond library.

This is a very different style layout for me, but I think I like it. The kit was just begging to showcase the song, don’t you think?

Credits: Beautiful Noise by Katie Creates, sticky notes brushes by dr_nourah, transportation brushes by hawksmont, at play brushes by tiffcali06, musical instrument brushes by Delicious, Delicious.


"Beautiful Noise"

What a beautiful noise, Coming up from the street
It’s got a beautiful sound, It’s got a beautiful beat

It’s a beautiful noise, Going on everywhere
Like the clickety-clack of a train on a track
It’s got rhythm to spare

What a beautiful noise, Coming up from the park
It’s the song of the kids, And it plays until dark

It’s the song of the cars. On their furious flights
But there’s even romance In the way that they dance
To the beat of the lights

It’s a beautiful noise, Made of joy and of strife
Like a symphony played, By the passing parade
It’s the music of life

It’s a beautiful noise
And it’s a sound that I love
And it fits me as well
As a hand in a glove
Yes it does, yes it does

What a beautiful noise, Coming into my room
And it's begging for me, Just to give it a tune