1. I’m a natural blonde but I haven’t been since 2007. Minus summers. Then it goes blonde streaked. I love my hair.
2. My hair is also my weakness. I have a form of OCD that causes me to pull out my hair.
3. I’ve always wanted to be a redhead. I love the color and it works on me.
4. I’m a reader. There’s nothing I love more than reading.
5. I read, on average, of about 300 books a year. Quite a few are re-reads, because I love reading books that I loved!
6. I’ve also attempted to write my own book. Never finished but I still try!
7. I love taking pictures, especially self-portraits. I don’t trust anyone else to take them, I guess.
8. I love cameras. I cry, quite literally, when one dies. I try to replace before that happens so I do’n’t have to.
9. I take so many pictures that I can’t even scrap them all. I’ve tried!
10. I’m open and honest. I’m tried and true. I’m happy, but sometimes sad. I try to be true to myself, as well as to others. I attempt to not let life get me down, and instead try to be positive in all things.

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