I had to wait until the case was over before showing any photos.

Kits used: GingerScraps Designs-Man Oh Man
2 am-playing Cars (road altered a lot and then the cars)
Handwriting Font: Rhino Dino

Journaling: As long as we have been together you have commuted to work. Those hours going to and from work have been some of the hardest times I have had. I eventually had to quit watching the news as my heart filled with terror every time I heard of an accident, which was multiple times a day. Finally after several years I got over most of the panic and went about my day as long as you were not late. Then in 2011 i got the call. it was from you and you had been in an accident but you were okay. i did need to come get you though as the car was totalled! of course i didn’t trust you were okay because i know you don’t like to make me upset so i rushed to where you were. as i showed up there were police, ambulances and firetrucks al over the road! i finaly found you and you were awake and talking and in one piece as was the woman who caused the accident! you were however in severe shock as this had been a very bad accident and you put your self at risk to avoid involving any other cars! it took a few days for the shock to wear off and for you to realize that you had been injured. your wrists and hands were in bad shape (and you are a mechanic). you would think insurance was there to help you, however it was NOT. u had to pay medical bills on your own and wait sometimes years to be reimbursed. we got an attorney but didn’t do much good. they got more in the settlement than you did. (and that was nothing compared to permanent damage to your wrists. we still do not know the full extent of the damage as we could not afford the doctors which in turn means no treatments to fix them. this experience has been horrible. what keeps me going is that you did save many other lives that day, and God made sure you were alive as well. and while i wish you were better, i thank him for keeping you with me!