Credits: Papers from Elements from Good Reads by Aprilisa Designs, My Everyday Life By Simple Girl, Catitude by Luv Eve Designs, Reading Room elements by Colie’s Corner, Lazy Day by Sugar Kissed Designs, Talkin’ Baseball by Digitalegacies Designs


We’re making a few furniture changes and maybe that means I’ll have room for a recliner! I’ve wanted a cozy recliner for some time because I’m tired of the most comfortable place to sit and the most relaxing place to nap being David’s passenger seat. I simply don’t get out every day to get enough sleep in my husband’s car! My brain relaxes just looking at this chair. The couch is too low, the dining room chairs too hard, but this looks just right!

I can just see me lounging with a good book or sitting up with a mug of coffee or a bowl of ice cream watching baseball. I could even just lay back with a cat on my lap and the two of us will just nap. Ahhhh…..