Credits: Fruit of the Spirit by Connie Prince


I’ve always considered myself wealthy. Oh, I’m not overly endowed with money in the bank, but I’m wealthy in the finer things in life.

I was born into a world where I was wanted and loved by both of my parent. My dad even wanted a girl first and there I was; the answer to his wish. I had four grandparents, 3 great grandparents left and one great-great grandmother. I was the first grandchild on both sides of my family and the first great grandchild to my maternal-maternal greats. I was showered with love all the time.

I was told the story of my paternal grandfather not agreeing with his son because he wanted his first grandchild to be a boy. He said he’d throw a huge chastening party for his grandson. If I was a girl, he’d still throw a party, but maybe not as big. Upon seeing me for the first time in the hospital nursery, Nono wept and declared me “most beautiful baby in nursery.” My christening party was huge and I remember him treating me like I was on a just higher pedestal than the grandsons that followed me in the years we had together.

I grew up in a world where I could both dance ballet, jazz & tap and be a hockey player. While 17 was the age where a girl no longer had any place to play hockey then, I’ve watched the US Women’s Hockey team win gold medals and a niece play on her high school team.

I am an optimist. I feel confident and empowered and I meet challenges with determination. Whether it was fighting stereotypes in a “man’s world” as a sports producer or facing the physical impairments of progressive MS and still being positive, I break stereotypes down. Women can do anything and disability is not the end of anything. The challenges I face only increase my self-worth, my feeling of wealth.

I have loving and supportive relatives and friends. Many of those friends have been with me over 20 years through good and bad economical abundance and anxiety. My riches are more pure than gold and shine brighter than diamonds.

The stock market can crash, a bank’s accounts can be hacked, even a house can burn down with all the money stuffed in a mattress, but real wealth can’t be taken, can’t disappear. As long as I always understand and properly appreciate it, I’ll always be wealthier than I ever imagined.