JOURNALING: e were driving home from Bozeman on the interstate and there was a car driving parallel
to us on the frontage road. We were going 75 mph and they were easily keeping up
with us. Suddenly the little car fishtailed and flipped over and over and over and over. Doug pulled over and I bolted over to the car that was now crushed and crumpled and resting on its roof. I stretched out in the grass, stuck my hand up through the wreckage and yelled, "Are you alive?" A perfectly manicured, petite little hand reached out and grabbed mine and I heard the words, "I'm alive. Get me out of here." It took the police about 20 minutes to arrive. She was able to move all of her extremities, but she was complaining of severe neck and back pain. She is 20 years old and four months pregnant. She said that she was texting while she was driving 75mph.

I used May 2013 Club Digital.