June Brush Challenge hosted by Angela

I wanted to try using brushes for the very first time and see what a difference it would make with a layout. I made this particular layout in March 2012. At that time the designer of the kit was at Digiridoo Scraps, so that is where I had originally posted it. (That's where I used to hang out, at the Roo, until it closed). I see a few people here that used to be there, lol.

Anyway, when I saw the brushes for this challenge they reminded me of this old layout of mine. It was one of the first pages I ever made. So tonight I opened it up and I didn't change anything on the layout at all other than adding the brushes. So cool. It's like they were made for this page. Just wanted to share and say thank you for pushing me to try something new.

Kit: 'Beautiful Day' (LouCee Creations)
Brushes - 'June Challenge' (Buburu Resources)

I took the photo at the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens in Niagara Falls.