Credits: Cattitude by Luv Ewe Designs, additional cat elements from Pet Shop: My Cat by Kathy Winters Designs


Carla –

Carla was a rescued shelter cat. She was on the streets and had kittens of her own when she was still a kitten herself. Her young life was rough on the street and although her kittens were born in foster home, they didn’t live. She was just a year old when she came to Paws and Whiskers in September. We’d gone to the shelter to find a cat to share a home with the two cats we already had; our now 4 year old Kaline and David’s 13 year old Baggle.

We were deciding between two cats; a grey tabby and a black cat. It was October and there was a special half price adoption fee for black or black and white casts. The gray tabby was nice when we each held her, but then went back to walking around the shelter. The black cat stayed with us giving purrs and attention. She especially took to David. We called her a great salescat. Since she was half price as a black cat in October, we put the other half in a sponsorship of the cat we didn’t choose.

The new cat, which we’d named after Boston Red Sox Carl Yastrzemski, David’s childhood hero, didn’t come home with us the day we adopted her. The shelter has a rule abut black cats adopted in October that they can’t leave the shelter until after Halloween. It never occurred to us why but when we found out why, there was no problem with coming back in November to pick her up. There are people, if you’d call them that, who adopt black cats as decorations for Halloween parties and kick them to the streets the next morning. There are worse that adopt them to do cruel things to them, abuse them, even kill them for “fun.”

Carla is the sweetest and most loving cat, how anyone could harm her because of the color of her fur is beyond comprehension. She’s got a safe forever home now