Digikit: Wendy Tunison Designs - World Traveler; Keystone Scraps - World Traveler; brown string from Queen Wild Scraps - Fabulous February
Fonts: Summertime Lovin (title); Sweet Home Oklahoma (date); Nymph's Handwriting (journal)

Journaling reads: James and I left our hotel shortly after 9 AM. We walked through the Clifton Hill area stopping at a Tim Horton’s to pick up some breakfast. The line at Tim Horton’s was crazy long. We probably spent at least 15 minutes in line, so once we got our pastries and juice, we continued on our way, eating as we walked. We purchased our tickets for the Maid of the Mist and we were near the front of the line for the second or third boat. This photo was taken as we waited at our spot, top deck against the front railing, for the rest of the passengers to embark. I was able to get some excellent photos of the American Falls, also known as the Rainbow Falls. However, I wasn’t thinking and was unprepared for the mist from the Canadian Falls, or Horseshoe Falls. I had to hide my camera under the slicker. I wish I had thought to get my waterproof camera out for the boat ride. Oh well.