Kit - Boys & Bandages by Just For Fun Designs (Sept BNP)

By skiing off the trail and into the woods. Thought he would make it more interesting he said!
When I lost control trying to look behind me to make sure he was okay after hitting a tree in said woods!

Somehow he ended up with just a couple bruises. I on the other hand sprained my knee and was out of commission the rest of the family trip, the rest of the ski season, and into the spring.! Talk about total bummer! But, I did get this totally awesome bruise to show for my troubles! Yes, after Ifell, trying to stop, I ended up flipping, skis over head, and sliding into a tree myself. The worst part is, it was on the bunny hill and I got to watch everyone looking at me as ski patrol whisked me down said bunny hill on the back of their snowmobile because I couldn’t put any weight on my leg.