Journal reads:

I remember when I first expressed an interest in playing the piano. My little sister was taking lessons and I'm pretty sure I was just mad that she was getting to do something that I wasn't, and I felt a little left out. Lori would go over to the neighbor's house and she would let her practice on her piano since we didn't have one. She would go over her lessons and I would tag along and watch…and learn. I would stay a few minutes after she was done and practice myself. I learned a lot by sight and taught myself to play with both hands. My mother, seeing that I was serious about learning to play, decided to put me in lessons too. After about a year my Mom decided to make the investment in a new upright piano for the house so we didn't have to bug the neighbor anymore. I remember days of practicing after school when my Dad would just relax in his recliner and listen…and my Mom would "ugh" at every wrong note from the kitchen as she prepared dinner. After high school, I stopped playing. I left for college and Tim bought me a keyboard to take with me because I missed having my piano. I didn't play the keyboard much, it really wasn't the same for me. When I moved back home it went in a closet, and I never played it again. Tim and I eventually got married, moved into our own house and we started our family…and in a closet this keyboard laid, until one day when Kayla brought it out. She must have been about 8 years old and she would listen to songs and pick the right notes on the keyboard and play by ear. It didn't take her long before she started working on the piano that still lived at Mom and Dad's house. Mom brought out some of my beginner piano books and before we knew it, Kayla was reading music and playing with both hands. It's funny how history repeats itself. Now that my parents are gone, the piano will be coming to live at our house. I hope that Kayla and I can learn to play again and the music will be as magic as that piano has been to us. And maybe someday, she will have children that will come to Grandma's house and learn to play the piano too.

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