I used Keystone Scraps- A Debonair Gentleman

Dear Dad
I wish time didn’t have to change. I know this isn’t the life you dreamed about or thought you would have. I am happy we get more time with you and that we didn’t lose you that summer night. Thank you for teaching me to serve, love, stand up for what I believe, and most importantly thank you for teaching me to be ME! I know time doesn’t stand still but you are different and there are days I miss the Dad you were while I was growing up. Then there are days you are so funny and tender which helps me remember that you are still YOU! You still love us and tell us what to do. You might not remember where you are or what we are doing but you still remember who you are. I try to teach my kids about you and who you were so they can see the strong and determined man you were. How do I explain you are still you just a little more forgetful and silly. I hope I can one day be as amazing as you are. If only others could forgive and love like you. This life is what we make of it each day not what we remember. As long as we are together we will be happy. The time we have together is the most magical thing we have in this world. Love Teresa