Scrapbooking for me has always been a special kind of therapy…especially in preserving photos and writing down my words and feelings…this is one of those pages. I know that every new beginning is some other beginning's end…I found a little clarity in writing the journal for this…I feel better already Smile

Journal reads:

My life is a struggle right now. Not that my life is by any means a tough life. I have an amazing family, a steady job, a place to call home, food on our table…but it's an inner struggle with myself.

I feel lately like I'm caught in the center of an emotional storm, constantly circling a drain. The fear that all my decisions will lead me to the wrong place and I will take the ones I love most with me.

There are so many transitions in my life right now. My oldest is entering those crucial teenage years. The years where they are learning hard lessons and you're trying like mad to keep them from screwing up. My youngest wants nothing to do with discovering who he is and if I just plug my ears and don't talk about it, maybe he'll stay like this forever.

I'm getting older every day and I feel like I'm just trying to survive instead of really truly living. I am closing a chapter in my life that is very hard for me to let go of. I still have a hard time believing they are gone, their stuff is gone, the house is gone…and in the process I feel like my childhood will be gone too.

My path seems blurry to me. I keep walking with the hope that everything will come into focus someday. If I only had a little CLARITY…

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