Journal reads: You were our first puppy dog. We named
you Pluto because of our love of Disney.
You were a black lab and doberman mix.
Your tail was never cropped, but probably
should have been. When you were excited
to see someone, your tail spun like a
propeller and hit us like a whip and
you sang too! You grew to be the biggest
lap dog we’ve ever known. We started
calling you "garbage dog" because you
always had your head in the garbage.
Your favorite toy was your rope toy.
Your favorite treat was baby carrots. You
loved to go for walks but you didn’t like
being on a leash. You were the best
watch dog, we always knew when there
was someone within 50 feet of the
house. You hated to get your feet wet!
You would walk around every puddle.
You weren’t allowed in our bed, but you
always managed to crawl one paw at a
time and wedge yourself in between us
undetected...all 88 pounds of you! Gone
too soon, we miss you buddy!

August 1997 - November 2000

Puppy Dogs by Connie Prince
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Foliage from Renaissance Man by Connie Prince

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