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Serafina and Riley were so excited to get to adopt Oreo in November from a friend that runs a shelter.  They kept him in their room and love him immensely.  I assured them that cats could go outside because they come back.  So, in March when Serafina let him in the backyard for a couple of hours, he disappeared.  We searched and searched for him.    He was no where to be found!  Finally, 3 days later, we found his picture on the SPCA site.  The girls were beside themselves with worry.  It took 3 more days before we could get him out.  

Journal entries: Adoption Day  11/7/12 On March 14th, Oreo was released to the backyard at approximately 2:30 pm.  At 5 pm, called for him, with no answer. Calls and light search of front and backyards continue that night. Days 2 & 3 - search pattern widened to include parks and neighborhood.Day 4 Missing cat signs made & SPCA website checked - Oreo's mugshot found.  Drove to SPCA after school, to find SPCA closed on Mon!Return Tues. am to identify Oreo, learn he needs to be neutered & microchipped first.  Paid $115 up front.Oreo released back home on March 20, 2013