Journaling:  I was intrigued when it was announced that Meryl Davis and Charlie White, Olympic Champions in Ice Dance, were going to compete on “Dancing with the Stars” and curious to see how they would do with other partners.  Meryl is dancing with Max Chmerkovskiy and Charlie is paired with Sharna Burgess.  It was super to see the online Ice Network site feature photos from the first round of dancing competition. But I had to laugh at the caption on the photo of  Sharna and Charlie awaiting the judges critique:  “Davis and White….” .  Well, after  17 years reporting on “Davis and White”, I guess Ice Network should be allowed this one goof. It’s going to be hard to get used to “Burgess and White”!


“Dancing with the Stars” photos from; skating photo by me. 

Photo Caption:  Davis and Chmerkovskiy listen as the judges critique their performance.  Len Goodman quipped, “You’re nice on ice and good on wood.”

Photo Caption:  Davis [sic] and White face the judges after their impressive performance.  Goodman gushed, “Honestly, this is like ice dancing, without the ice.”

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