I really hate the mornings. Mornings would be better if they started later. I am not a morning person. I would much rather stay up late than Unfortunately, that’s not how society works. Jobs need to be attended to. Kids need to eat and go to school. And in the summer, it’s just a heck of a lot more pleasant to be outside early in the day than in the heat of the afternoon.

Over the years, I have taught myself to get moving earlier and on some days I sort of enjoy the quiet of the early day. One thing is for sure ... I am the ultimate snooze queen. It takes me a good 40 minutes, at least, to be able to get out of bed. And then, of course, the fact remains that I need coffee.

As I contemplate my day, and ask myself, is it morning yet, songs run through my mind. The Beatles Good Day Sunshine and U2’s Beautiful Day muddle around up there trying to motivate me out of bed. Nothing says wakey wakey more than the little ear worm by Aaron Carter that has infiltrated my consciousness thanks to his little ditty on the Kim Possible soundtrack CD. In case you aren’t familiar with GET UP ON YA FEET. I’ll leave you with the music so you too may enjoy its master-fulness. {song lyrics follow}

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