My submission for the Blue Ribbon contest Smile

credits: kits - Campout, Crisp Autumn, Best Friends Forever by Simple Girl Scraps // template - Lissykay Designs

journaling: I started making my own Halloween costumes for the kids rather than buying ready-made ones from the store simply because we didn’t have the money. All we could afford was for me to scrounge around the house and maybe hit up the dollar or thrift stores for accessories for the costumes. Fast-forward a few years, and we finally had the money to afford those store-bought costumes, but we weren’t living in a country that actually sold them, so back to home- made Halloween attire. Now that we’re back in the States where we have access to costume stores AND we have the money to afford them, the kids would prefer to have me make their costumes. I have to admit that I love how proudly they wear their costumes and the life-lesson that being thrifty will teach them.