Journal reads:
My Mom made wedding cakes as far back as I can remember. She started taking classes with my Grandmother before I was even born. She worked part time at the hospital when we were little and making cakes gradually grew into a small side business for her and Gram. During wedding season and the warmest of months she would bake all week filling the house with the wonderful smell. We always reaped the benefits though with cake scraps and trimmings that she would bag up and let us snack on. Almost every weekend we would tag along while she delivered and set up her masterpieces. Each cake was more beautiful than the next. Her talent of creating flowers with icing and her sugar work was something that I wished I had taken the time to learn. Every time I see a wedding cake it's hard not to be a little judgmental They never taste the same or are quite as beautiful as her's were.

Credits: Kits by Connie Prince
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