Only one piece of background paper was used for this layout. Toil and Trouble- Papers from Cathy K. Designs

Three photos - one blended. The other two I extracted the (creepy) spider.

I used two fonts: Face Your Fears and Handwriting Dakota


My worst nightmare is that of spiders falling down on me from the ceiling. Web and all descending on my face and I wake in horror, turning on the light and looking around for the phantom creatures. Sleep does not come easily again. Wolf Spiders do not spin webs. But they can hide and lunge forward, moving swiftly and accurately towards their prey. I look for them nightly on the blankets as our one dog, Mitzi, seems to enjoy playing with them and will bring them inside with her. 

That big guy up there, I nearly walked into one day while at the Butterfly House at the Cleveland Zoo.  I screamed bloody murder. Of course, my  husband couldn’t actually kill this guy, but he did take me out of there quickly. We didn’t go back the rest of that year.


Wolf spiders are running around my page, just as they do on my floor, carpet, drapes and blankets.  Scary little buggers they are with those eyes of theirs. Top right. - a venomous little thing that had the audacity to build a home in Disney World - a place where I am usually quite safe.  Not with that lady hanging out.  


Part of me knows this is an irrational fear, but I can’t shake it.  My mother believes I developed this fear as a child - watching my father covering himself with mosquito netting before going into the crawl space under our house. When he came out, he had spiders on him and he was screaming and batting at himself to get them off.  Mom thinks that my seeing this made quite the impression - if dad was afraid of spiders, then I should be as well. 


Believe it or not, I really have come a long way in facing this fear.  There was a time when I would scream  and back away. Now I actually take photographs of the little beasties, but only after I scream and jump a bit.   Now and then, I get really brave and kill one. 


But the nightmares persist.