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Journaling reads: What does a person who is afraid of falling do? Why, she jumps out of a perfectly good airplane, of course! All of my life, it has seemed that I was afraid of heights, but just recently, I realized that it's not the height that I'm afraid of, it's that feeling of instability, the fear that you just might fall if you get too close to the edge, that you'll never hit bottom and keep falling for eternity, a certain sense of loss of control. It seems that all of my life I would have nightmares where I would just keep falling through space, tumbling over and over and never hitting the bottom. When I turned 50, I had an opportunity to go skydiving, and, thinking that this just might be the chance to overcome my fear of heights, as well as being a once in a lifetime opportunity, I went. I was slightly nervous leading up to the jump, but I pushed through my fears and suited up. When we were finally situated in the doorway of the plane for the jump, I was still nervous, but determined. We pushed off and suddenly, I was free falling through space, at first there was an OH CRAP moment, but I told myself, it's too late to turn back now, might as well enjoy the scenery. The feeling of floating was quite pleasant, but there comes a point when the ripcord must be pulled, and the sudden jerk back up as the parachute opened was not as pleasant. The rest of the trip downward and the landing was uneventful and the adrenaline rush lasted for hours. As the years have gone by since the jump, I have looked back and even watched the video (oh yes, I got the video) and realized that I no longer have that fear that I thought was a fear of heights. I remember the adrenaline rush, the sense of peace while floating through the air and realize that I overcame my biggest fear and can now rest easy.