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journaling: The Tonopah Historic Mining Park is located on the site of the original mining claims that started the rush to Tonopah, making it “Queen of the Silver Camps”.  Jim and Belle Butler’s strike in 1900 brought the United States into the 20th Century, and many of the mining processing techniques developed during that time are still being used today.

Goldfield is dead. Except for the padlocks, the boarded-up windows, bars across the doors and other means of denying entry, Goldfield would look very much alive. To its credit, there are few mining towns, if any, that have such an array of original buildings in good repair. Founded in 1902, Goldfield boasted a population of 30,000 during its boom year of 1906 when it produced $11 million in gold. The town probably has the longest bar in the history of mining towns. The bar, Tex Rickard's Northern, was so long it required 80 tenders to serve its customers. By 1912, ore production had dropped to $5 million. Those who recognized the signs began to leave and Goldfield eventually became what it is today-a ghost town. A drive south on highway 95 from Tonopah will take you to Goldfield-one of the must see towns.

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