JOURNALING: "Flowing Kiss," two 15' tall steel sculptures installed on either side of Neil Ave. last summer, was created by Colorado artist Lawrence Argent who was, "...struck by the sense of affection and love for the city..." when he visited Columbus before beginning the sculpture. "Earth on Turtle's Back" is part a Native American creation story in the Sisters Garden at Inniswood Metro Gardens. The story is etched on stones on the pathway leading to the statue. The Skypeople Chief's wife fell through a hole in the sky into the water below and sea creatures brought up earth from the ocean bottom, placing it on the back of a turtle, so she could stand. That became our world. The original statue was stolen and, although it was recovered and now rests in garden offices, a replica remains in place in the garden itself. "Dublin Kiwanis Frog," a bronze and limestone sculpture by Dale Johnson, commemorates the oldest annual frog jump contest in Ohio, currently in its 48th year. Proceeds benefit local charities. CREDITS: GINGERSCRAPS: Be Yourself by Pretty in Green; Ice Cream Social by Connie Prince; We Go Together by Sandy Pie Creations. FONT: Comic Sans

BTW: I put the little "Kermit" figure on the frog's head for this picture.